Pen joy
Jan 25th, 2009 by axman6

Sp for my birthday last November, my girlfriend bought me a very lovely new pen. It is a lovely Acme pen, the Blueprint one on that page (my studying Engineering/IT ‘n all). For christmas, she bought me the fountain pen nib replacement, and far out, I love it! I’ve never used a fountain pen before, but they are just wonderful. I can’t say what it is about it that I like, but it feels so much more natural than a ballpoint. fountain-pen.jpg

This, added with the shear weight of the thing makes it the perfect writing tool, it’s quite a leap from my normal Lamp Spirit pencil, which I still love also.

now i’m not one for writing my hand much, my hand writing is pathetically unreadable most of the time, but I do enjoy fine stationary, and this seems like it could be something that turns into somewhat of an addiction…

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