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June 29th, 2009 by Axman6

So, I’ve got my website back up and working again, but obviously, minus wordpress. This isn’t a great shame, WP was slow and annoying, and I wasn’t much of a fan. But it does mean that I have lost docs for my Growl-net irssi script. Luckily, i just tool a look inside the MySQL db from my wordpress blog, in a text editor no less, and found them! so here we go…

Important Update! ‘Snod’ Has written to tell me that the script does work over the internet!. All that needs doing is to forward port UDP 9887 on your router to your Mac if it’s not directly connected to the internet. Links to tutorials coming soon!

This is a little script I wrote with the help of kd on chat.freenode.net. It’s based on the growl.pl script that ships with Growl, but adds network growl support (For use with the common ssh -> screen -> irssi setup). It can be used just like the original by running irssi on your local machine and setting the growl_net_client variable to ‘localhost’ (This is the default setting. The Growl password is still needed). The only requirements for this script is that perl’s Net::Growl be installed. This means that irssi doesn’t have to be run on a Mac to be able to work.

Current version: 0.03b1

The 0.3b1 is now available here, with source. Adds the ability to have growls sticky when you’re away

The 0.02 beta is available source. Adds the ability to make growls sticky.

You can download the original version here and view the source.

Please let me know if you want this changed so that each different type of event (private message, hilight, notify) has its own setting.

You can also see it on version tracker here.


  • irssi built with perl scripting enabled.
  • Net::Growl installed on the remote system. Install with[sudo] cpan -i net::growl‘.
  • A Mac with Growl installed to connect to the machine running irssi.

An example of my settings are:

  • growl_show_privmsg = ON Receive growls for private messages.
  • growl_show_hilight = ON And for hilights.
  • growl_show_notify = ON And notifies.
  • growl_net_pass = [password] Growl password.
  • growl_net_client = G5.local The name of the machine which I SSH from, where I want to retrieve the growls. (For me, this could also be axman6.homeip.net if I setup port forwarding)
  • growl_net_server = G3 The name I gave to the remote machine. (Produces 'irssi G3')
  • growl_net_sticky = OFF Sets whether the growls are sticky or not. (v0.02b)
  • growl_net_sticky_away = ON Makes growls sticky when you're away. (v0.03b1)


Thanks to snod for figuring this out, I really appreciate it! :) So far, this script cannot work over the internet (As far as I know). It might work, but we haven’t tested yet (Should do in the next day or so). There is no guarantee that it will ever work over the ‘net, but we will try to see if it is possible. If you can make it work, let me know, and I’ll add it :)


0.03b1 download
  • Added ability to make growls sticky when you are away. This stopped working with a later version of Growl :(
0.02b download
  • Added sticky setting.
  • Added the /gn-test command to test and show settings.
  • Removed unused variable from the original growl.pl script.
0.01 download
  • Rewrote the original growl.pl script to add network support.


  • Add a setting to make growl sticky or not.
  • Or, make growls sticky when away (Harder)
  • Add setting to change priority of growls (Either globally, or for each of the three different types of notifications).
  • Maybe move the detailed explanation to its own page. This is getting pretty long.
  • Add something like /gna to set away and make growls sticky.
  • Add a command to set the priority (/gnp or something)
  • To keep with proposed naming, rename /gn-test to /gnt.

If you have any problems, feel free to ask on here, or email me at axman6 @at@ gmail FULLSTOP com, with the subject Growl-net.

I hope you find this useful, and let me know how it goes.


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  • Anders Olsson writes:
    February 21st, 2011 at 11:18 PM

    Can’t download, link seems to be down. Btw. have you thought about adding this awesome script to github?

  • Maxi Lampert writes:
    January 13th, 2012 at 6:26 PM

    Could you please update the link?

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