AusHac2010 Day 1 progress
July 17th, 2010 by axman6

So, the first half day of AusHac2010 was yesterday. We had about 12 people turn up, which isn’t too bad for a Friday.

Erik de Castro Lopo did a lot of work on Ben Lippmeier’s DDC compiler for his Disciple language.
There was some initial work on the Accelerate library for accelerated array computations in Haskell, using various backends. Most of the current work is aiming at making the CUDA backend usable, after which more backends will likely be added, such as an LLVM backend, and possibly an OpenCL backend as well.

Due to the restricted time yesterday, not all that much work was started, but day 2 (see my next post!) has been much more productive.

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